Maximize uptime with faster roadside assistance 

We get it — keeping vehicles on the road is your top priority. HONK’s scalable and customizable roadside assistance program ensures your fleet is back on the road quickly and easily when breakdowns happen.

"How we handle our customers' needs during stressful events defines our brand. Emergency roadside needs are some of the most stressful events our clients experience and how we react to these events is crucial to our continued success. The HONK team's thorough approach to the discovery process and their willingness to commit to a custom solution, rapid implementation, and high level of customer service all factored into our decision to partner with HONK."


Top fleet  companies are switching to HONK

Aaron Wolfe, Operations Manager



faster roadside arrival times

Real-time data transparency on every job

108,000+ service vehicles

Keep your fleet moving 

HONK understands the importance of getting your most valuable assets back in service fast. We help you make customers happy, hit scheduled deliveries, maximize utilization and reduce TCO (total cost of ownership). For fleet management companies where roadside assistance is the make or break for a productive day, our system transforms business continuity, complaint handling, and gives you full control of your roadside assistance program.

Key capabilities


Proximity-based Digital Dispatch

Service Provider Network Management

Real-time Insights

Call Center-As-A-Service

Client Portal


Deliver efficient roadside assistance to reduce costly downtimes

Flexible Platform

HONK Technologies has the digital tools your fleet needs to increase productivity and shorten vehicle and driver downtime all from the single click of a button. The HONK platform is extremely easy to test, evaluate and integrate with existing systems. Customizable solutions are available.

Faster Incident Resolutions

HONK's proprietary technology finds and dispatches the closest available Service Providers quicker than any other service, resulting in arrival times 55% faster than legacy motor clubs. Real-time service tracking and progress notifications keep your fleet drivers and managers in the know at all times.

Complete Program Visibility

Optimize your fleet operation with powerful reporting tools. Featuring full data transparency, real-time performance analytics, service requests, job ratings, and comments, HONK provides you and your teams with up-to-the-minute information on every incident. Keep your fleet up and running at all times.

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55% faster roadside assistance for

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Turn your customers' roadside breakdowns into brand-defining experiences

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Blazing fast & reliable

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