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Foster a stronger relationship between your customers, dealerships, and brand with advanced roadside assistance.

Delight your customers and build stronger relationships, one rescue at a time. Quickly and reliably save the day and restore vehicle mobility with HONK's industry-leading roadside assistance solution. 



faster roadside arrival times

100% data transparency

A powerhouse brand loyalty & retention tool

HONK delivers fast, accessible, and transparent service. Reducing service wait times by over 55% and digitally connecting customers with live tracking maps and real-time service progress updates increases your brand’s customer satisfaction ratings and Net Promoter Score® (NPS). Let HONK manage your roadside assistance program and experience the difference.

Key capabilities


Location-based Dispatch

Service Provider Network Management

Real-time Insights

Call Center-As-A-Service

Client Portal


The best roadside assistance experience

Flexible Platform

HONK Technologies designs solutions differently. Our platform maximizes customer touchpoints, bringing value to your brand and customers through real-time tracking, data gathering to speed cycle-time, and reducing intake errors for fewer redispatches or overcharging — all through the digital experience your customers demand.

Brand Defining Experiences

Roadside assistance is a driving necessity. On average, your customers will experience the event every three years. A roadside breakdown is considered a "moment of truth"; if your brand fails to meet expectations during this time, you will lose customers. HONK's concierge-level roadside assistance perfectly balances technology and human interaction to make your customer experiences ones they’ll remember.

Capture Additional Revenue

Funnel repairs and warranty services directly to your designated repair facilities. When your company uses HONK, you can choose where you want your customer’s vehicles to be towed to for a hassle-free, optimized brand experience. We help you provide valuable experiences, resulting in happy customers who stay longer, buy more, and provide more referrals. 

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Maximize uptime with 

faster roadside assistance


55% faster roadside assistance for your most frequent claim

Vehicle Marketplace Logistics

Blazing fast & reliable 

on-demand auto transport

Elevate your brand with the best possible roadside experience. 


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