Accident Scene Data Management

HONK's FirstOnScene Accident Information Services, an advanced data collection platform, and leading-edge AI claims solutions eliminate days of cycle-time for accident scene claims. Make more informed and instant claim decisions on-scene.

There are 6 million car accidents in the US each year. Top insurance carriers apply intelligent automation where it can drive the biggest results, claims management.


HONK's digital platform delivers results


Faster arrival times


Save $500-$800 per claim



Reduce claim cycle time by 3 to 5 days

Reduce claims cycle time, costs & settle claims immediately

The future of starting and ending a claim at the scene of an accident just became reality. On average, it takes a customer 7-10 days after an accident to report a claim and provide photos of the damage to their insurance carrier. With HONK, your company will have access to real-time accident scene data that enables the usage of AI claims processing on-scene, reducing claim cycle time by three to five days and costly delays like vehicle storage, impound fees, secondary tows, rental car days, and more by $100-$200 per day. 

Nationwide coverage with 108,000+ service vehicles

When one of your customers is involved in an accident, a HONK service provider partner arrives on-scene to tow the vehicle. Equipped with technology, with FirstOnScene, insurance carriers can receive photos, video, and information detailing vehicle damage while the vehicle is still on scene. These real-time data points and information is instantly available from your client dashboard, other integrated third-party AI tools, and claims management software. Experience on-scene decision-making using HONK's digital platform to move quickly in the claims process.

Digitize your accident scene management today and start utilizing on-scene decision-making.

HONK's FirstOnScene Information Services solution includes

Nationwide coverage

  • Nationwide tracked-to-arrival towing services
  • Industry-leading ETAs & ATAs
  • Omnichannel & customizable solutions
  • Multi-lingual 24/7 stateside customer support
  • Secure provider network - providers must pass rigorous vetting process 

Full range of services

  • Accident scene data collection 
  • Instant accident notifications to start claims quicker
  • Proximity-based dispatching for higher service provider network performance
  • Secondary release management support, as needed for additional fees 

Powerful reporting tools

  • Secure client dashboard for full data transparency 
  • View real-time status on every job to ensure control over every customer situation
  • Utilize the digital tools your business needs to reduce claims costs and reduce cycle times

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