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The Results


For Wawanesa Insurance, roadside assistance is one of their most frequent insurance claims. Wawanesa wanted their roadside assistance program to offer the best possible roadside service experience during these valuable customer touchpoints. A vehicle breakdown is a "moment of truth" for customers and for a company that prides itself on customer satisfaction, it’s particularly important to exceed customer expectations. Failing to meet expectations during this time could result in poor customer satisfaction ratings and negatively impact the brand. Wawanesa needed a partner whose roadside assistance program put customers front and center, delivered a streamlined, intuitive, digital experience, and could easily integrate with their existing systems. 

The Solution

Wawanesa chose HONK for its high-performing roadside assistance program, full data transparency, and record-breaking Net Promoter Score (NPS) in the high 80's. HONK’s roadside assistance platform provides Wawanesa with industry-leading service response times, about 55% faster than others. The HONK solution includes fully managed US-based contact centers and access to an experienced, 24/7 network of over 75,000 professional service vehicles across the country. HONK's background-checked and insurance-compliant network ensure Wawanesa's customers feel safe and secure during these important touchpoints.

Utilizing HONK’s customized client dashboard, Wawanesa gains an inside view into real-time performance analytics for all service requests. This includes detailed service information, customer ratings, comments and sentiment, volume data, and performance analytics. These statistics enable Wawanesa to identify trends on the micro and macro levels enabling further enhancements to the customer experience over time. 


"With HONK, our customers can request fast, safe and dependable roadside assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and we'll have complete visibility into each service call and full control of the program."

– Wayne Sharrah, SVP, Chief Claims and Operations Officer, Wawanesa Insurance

How It Works

Wawanesa customers can request roadside assistance by calling a toll-free number where they will be connected to a representative, or by accessing Wawanesa's HONK-powered online web portal. After providing their location, what type of service they need and necessary vehicle information, HONK’s proprietary dispatch algorithm finds and dispatches the closest available qualified service provider. 


In most cases, assistance arrives in under 45 minutes. Towing service providers are given all necessary information upfront and can quickly locate customers using optimized mapping. Wawanesa customers stay in the know with real-time notifications and updates throughout the entirety of the service.  


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