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The Results


Branch Insurance is a rapidly-growing insurtech that prides itself on providing a frictionless insurance-buying experience and extends that same ease and convenience to its members during every interaction. Realizing that roadside assistance is an important member touchpoint, the Branch team sought out a high-performing roadside assistance company that could provide a seamless digital experience and ease of use for higher member satisfaction. In their search, it was important for Branch to partner with a provider who was committed to providing the best possible member-centric experiences, ones that were quick, intuitive, and always reliable.

The Solution

Branch found HONK Technologies, whose easily integrated plug-and-play digital platform offers cutting-edge roadside assistance for its members. HONK delivers industry-leading service response times 55% faster than competitors, offers fully managed US-based contact centers, and provides access to an experienced network of Service Providers across the country. All towing and roadside Partners in HONK's network are background checked and insurance compliant for customer peace of mind.

HONK delivers brand-defining moments during high-stress member touchpoints on behalf of Branch, ensuring that its members get the help they need when they need it — without a laborious and cumbersome process. The quick and simple digital solution allows members to easily request service right from the Branch app with the touch of a button or a phone call. Real-time notifications provide up-to-the-minute service call status and arrival times keeping members informed at all times. 

With HONK, Branch has expanded into new states while maintaining extremely high levels of member satisfaction for roadside assistance claims. With the introduction of the HONK roadside assistance solution, Branch confirms its member-first approach and provides exceptional experiences at every stage of the member lifecycle. 

HONK also provides Branch with a powerful reporting tool that offers full data transparency into real-time performance analytics, service requests, member ratings, and comments for every job. Increased transparency enables Branch to ensure member satisfaction, reduce roadside event complaints, and realize exceptional Net Promoter Scores for their roadside program.

"HONK doesn't use archaic processes that rely on high customer effort to complete simple tasks like requesting roadside assistance."

– Charlie Wendland, Head of Claims, Branch Insurance

How It Works

Branch members request roadside assistance by pressing a button from their Branch app or by calling a toll-free Branch roadside assistance number. HONK enables Branch to provide its members with a seamless process that doesn’t require users to navigate third-party websites or spend countless time on the phone. Members simply indicate where they are located, what service they need, and provide their vehicle’s information. Automated status update notifications keep Branch members informed at all times.  


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