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Sewell Fleet Management provides an innovative, intuitive, and transparent approach to fleet management backed by over 100 years of automotive experience. Since the launch of its fleet management platform, the company's client base has grown and become more diverse. Sewell needed to find a new roadside assistance partner who had expertise in multiple fleet categories, maintained a high-performing Service Provider network, and offered an intuitive digital solution for their customers. 

The Solution

For fleet management companies, minimizing a vehicle's downtime is vital. When a vehicle is inoperable, deliveries are delayed and issues further down the chain can arise resulting in unhappy customers. For a company committed to exceptional customer experiences, long wait times to restore a vehicle's mobility is not an option. The HONK solution created a concierge-level customer experience by delivering industry-leading estimated arrival times to Sewell clients. Through HONK's proximity-based dispatching algorithm, Sewell is able to maximize up-time and get fleet vehicles back on the road quickly and safely. 


"How we handle our customers' needs during stressful events defines our brand. Emergency roadside needs are some of the most stressful events our clients experience and how we react to these events is crucial to our continued success."

– Aaron Wolfe, Operations Manager, Sewell Fleet Management

How It Works

When a Sewell client's vehicle breaks down, they quickly and easily request help by calling a toll-free number and providing their disablement information. HONK's proprietary dispatching algorithm finds the best-suited provider for that service, based on their truck's proximity to the disablement location, availability, and customer score. 

The HONK solution also offers powerful reporting tools with full data transparency into real-time performance analytics, service request, customer ratings, and comments. This provides Sewell with up-to-the-minute information on every job. This increased level of transparency enables Sewell to enhance client satisfaction, reduce roadside event complaints, and improve Net Promoter Scores for their roadside program. HONK's scalable and customizable roadside assistance program makes sure that Sewell's fleet is back on the road quickly and easily when breakdowns happen. 


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