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The Results


Driver Technologies provides AI-based automotive technology that transforms a driver's phone into a dash-cam designed to improve road safety and lower insurance costs. Driver is a hardware-free mobile app that allows motorists to video record their driving, provides live alerts for collision warnings and distracted driving tendencies, and can integrate with mobile voice assistants, entertainment controls, roadside assistance services, and insurance products – all of which provides Driver customers with essential tools to stay safer on the road. 


While Driver has provided their customers with a roadside assistance option previously, Driver users had to click out of the app to a third party site for emergency services. This resulted in the user incurring out-of-pocket expenses which created confusion and frustration. It was important for Driver to find a solution that could be seamlessly integrated into the Driver app, one that enabled users to request roadside assistance service with one-click.

The Solution

Driver Technologies turned to HONK for its flexible business model, collaborative approach to solving challenges, innovative use of new technologies, and best-in-class customer support. HONK was the only partner that offered Driver a complete, frictionless, and co-branded solution. 

Unlike other solutions that can take months to fully integrate, the HONK platform’s clear API documentation made Driver's development and implementation process quick, easy, and straightforward. Keeping users engaged in the app is crucial. With HONK’s co-branded solution, Driver users are able to request roadside assistance service directly from their app without having to click off to a third-party site.


For a company that emphasizes safety for motorists, HONK’s network of background-checked and insurance-verified Service Providers gives Driver peace of mind in knowing that their customers are safe and professionally taken care of during a roadside emergency.


"Our Dash-cam App includes 'Driver Roadside' from a single click of a button so users can quickly and easily order roadside assistance in the event of a vehicle emergency, breakdown, or accident."

- Rashid Galadanci, CEO, Driver Technologies

How It Works

HONK’s co-branded solution allows Driver users that require roadside assistance to simply click on the ‘Driver Roadside’ button in the app. After indicating their location, what type of service they need and necessary information, HONK’s proprietary dispatch algorithm finds and dispatches the closest and best available provider to the user's location. 


Service Providers are given all information upfront and can quickly locate customers using optimized mapping through the HONK Partner App. Driver users are kept up to date with real-time notifications and a live tracking map of the truck as it approaches their location, ensuring an exceptional customer experience in a time of stress.


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