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Toco Warranty provides trusted repair coverage that is easy, affordable, and provides a stress-free way for motorists across the country to obtain warranty coverage for vehicles. One of the many services Toco Warranty includes is towing and roadside assistance. With the goal of providing their customers with best-in-class services, Toco Warranty needed a simple and more convenient way for their customers to request roadside assistance during vehicle breakdowns.

Their previous roadside assistance solution did not offer a seamless customer experience. It required customers to request service by phone with all of their Toco Warranty account information on hand. This added to customer frustration in an already stressful situation. Additionally, customers may have had to pay for the provider out of pocket, for which they were later reimbursed. 

The Solution

Toco Warranty chose HONK Technologies because they were impressed with HONK's dedication to the customer experience. Unlike other solutions, Toco was able to customize the customer setup of its roadside assistance program. Their customers can now choose how they want to request service: digitally from an app, on their website, or by simply calling to speak with a Virtual Voice Assistance or a Contact Center Specialist. This flexibility empowered Toco to have a voice in the their customer roadside experience; one that was aligned with their company goals. 

Additionally, by utilizing their HONK dashboard, Toco now gains an inside view into real-time analytics for all service requests, offering a completely transparent view into how customers are rating their services and how HONK's Towing and Roadside Partner Network is performing. Toco customers now receive the same high level of service for roadside assistance they are accustomed to receiving from all other Toco Warranty services.


"HONK's dedication to creating a lasting impression
with the customer is exactly what we were looking for when searching for a partner."

– Paul McGee, VP of Employee & Customer Success, Toco Warranty

How It Works

In the event of a roadside emergency, Toco customers request assistance by calling a toll-free number or by accessing Toco's HONK-powered online web portal. Customers provide their location and what service they need and HONK's proprietary dispatching algorithm finds and dispatches the closest and best-suited provider to assist them. 

From initiation to completion of a service request, the HONK system utilizes both system-triggered human touchpoints and AI-powered digital communications to ensure Toco customers are kept safe and informed every step of the way. 


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